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About this resource

This site is for teachers who want their classrooms to be places with a Christian ethos, whatever the subject or age group being taught. It explores what teaching and learning might look like when rooted in Christian faith, hope and love. It does this by offering 100+ concrete examples of creative classroom work and an approach which enables you to develop your own examples.

About the approach

'What if Learning' is a "distinctively Christian" approach developed by an international partnership of teachers from Australia, the UK and the USA. It is based on the premise that a Christian understanding of life makes a difference to what happens in classrooms. Its aim is to equip teachers to develop their distinctively Christian teaching and learning strategies for their own classrooms.

About the examples

The examples are inspired by the classroom work of teachers. At the heart of each is a story of how teaching can be designed to be distinctively Christian in a particular topic or lesson. 

The aim of the examples is to inspire your own approach to teaching and learning. This is not a collection of recipes, but rather an array of ideas to provoke fresh thoughts and to help you renew your teaching.