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Each example includes:

  1. A brief commentary explaining how it connects with a Christian understanding of faith, hope and love.
  2. A brief explanation of how it connects with the 'What If Learning' approach.
  3. Suggestions for how you could create more examples like it.
  4. Hints for digging deeper into some Christian ideas that might illuminate the example.

These examples are for teachers, how much of the information is shared with students will depend on the context.

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History and Poverty

What if teaching history could help students to love a place and its people?



What Tests Teach

What if electronic quizzes helped teachers to think about the purpose of learning?



Righting Historical Wrongs

What if history lessons taught that ‘saying sorry’ means ‘doing sorry’?



Science and Honesty

What if a science hoax convinced students that honesty is vital?



Tests and Gratitude

What if anxiety about tests could turn to thankfulness?



Faith and Life

What if faith could be seen as involving living as well as believing?



Migration Stories

What if population migration were about people's stories?



Maths Questions

What if maths stimulated pupils to ask big questions?



Faith and Poetry

What if a poem about ducks connected with God’s creativity?



Art and Hope

What if a painting could give encouragement to persevere with hope?



Serving the Community

What if a topic on ‘People who help us’ became ‘Serving the community'?



History and Faith

What if teaching history included people's spiritual legacy?



What is Love?

What if a modern language lesson could expand our understanding of love?



Nothing But Atoms

What if a lesson on atoms could put science in a broader perspective?



Maths and Justice

What if teaching percentages were about people’s lives?



Triumphs and Disasters

What if revision classes taught students to share each other’s burdens?



Posture and Respect

What if a teacher’s posture in the classroom helped build respect?



Appreciation and Baking

What if baking helped Primary children to honour the elderly?