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Each example includes:

  1. A brief commentary explaining how it connects with a Christian understanding of faith, hope and love.
  2. A brief explanation of how it connects with the 'What If Learning' approach.
  3. Suggestions for how you could create more examples like it.
  4. Hints for digging deeper into some Christian ideas that might illuminate the example.

These examples are for teachers, how much of the information is shared with students will depend on the context.

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Serving through Words

What if learning Spanish were about giving, receiving and respect?



Geography and Faith

What if geography looked at the spiritual dimension of people and places?



Maths and Measuring

What if maths raised questions about what we can measure?



Chemistry and Wonder

What if there were moments of wonder in chemistry?



Literature and Choices

What if a literature class helped students to think about choices?



Poetry and Revenge

What if poetry made students think about anger and revenge?



Reason and Faith

What if religious education were about reason and faith working together?



Design and Contentment

What if studying advertising helped students think about contentment?



Singing and Humility

What if singing in unison were about humility and interdependence?



Grammar and Encouragement

What if a grammar lesson were also about affirming each other?



Magnets and Wonder

What if a lesson on magnetism inspired wonder and curiosity?



Strengths and Weaknesses

What if a topic on heroes helped learners to see themselves realistically?



Music and Creativity

What if music made children think about where creativity came from?



Design and Humility

What if design were about humility and thinking of others?



History and Change

What if history were about making a difference?



Maps and Values

What if maps helped students to think about what we value?



Flawed Reformers

What if flawed people can make a difference?



Maps and Local Needs

What if looking at the local area helped children to see people as wholes?