Getting Started: How to Use the “What If Learning” Website

This site is about designing teaching and learning in schools in the light of Christian faith, whatever the subject. It asks what if learning were rooted in Christian faith, hope and love? At the heart of the site is an approach to teaching and learning which responds to this question with illustrative examples. We recommend that you browse the examples and the approach as a way of getting started with writing your own classroom material.

Teaching Examples

The 'What if Learning' Approach

The three other sections of the site are:

The Thinking Behind the Approach

We have kept the main focus here on the classroom, but inevitably as ways of teaching and learning are described and suggestions made for doing things differently some larger questions arise. What do we mean by Christian? Are the teaching examples here uniquely or “distinctively Christian” or are they things others could adopt? Where did the approach suggested here come from?

Learning with Other Teachers

Everything on this site can be used by an individual teacher looking for ideas. But we have also provided resources for using together with others in staff meetings or training sessions.

Background Information

You can find information about who was behind the creation of this site, and suggestions for further resources for connecting Christian faith with teaching and learning.

Three Introductory Videos