The ‘What if Learning’ Approach

This website includes a wide array of examples of connecting Christian faith and teaching across various ages and subjects. What holds these examples together? How could you create more of your own? This page offers some guidance.

Three Cogs - Seeing Anew - Engagement - Reshaping PracticeHelp me to Understand the Framework

What do we mean by 'seeing anew' or by 'choosing engagement' or by 'reshaping practice'? How do the three steps fit together, and what does the whole process look like? Find out here.

How do I do this myself? PrimarySecondary

The 'What if Learning' approach consists of three broad steps: seeing anew, choosing engagement, and reshaping practice. You can explore these steps further and work through a Primary school example and a Secondary school example. Then you can look in more detail at each step of the process below.

How do I approach Seeing Anew?

Seeing anew refers to allowing Christian ways of seeing the world to inform what we do. Talk of "Christian ways of seeing the world" is rather broad, though. What specific Christian emphases can inform how we teach and learn? How do they connect to concrete classroom examples? You can learn more and explore specific ways of seeing anew here.

How do I approach Choosing Engagement?

Choosing engagement is about the ways we interact with one another, with the things we are teaching and learning about, and with the world outside our classrooms. How can we shape the interactions and ways of engaging in our classrooms so that they support the Christian vision of learning that seeing anew points to? You can get some practical suggestions here.

How do I approach Reshaping Practice?

The shaping of our imaginations and our interactions has a lot to do with concrete habits and patterns of practice – the use we make of resources, classroom layouts, pictures and objects, gestures, and so on. We need to take a careful look at these patterns of practice to see if they really fit what we are aiming for. You can find some specific ways to examine your existing practices here.


The following PowerPoint files provide presentation materials that can be used to introduce teachers to some of the central ideas involved in these resources. They come with a script in the notes section (in PowerPoint, go to "view" and select the notes section or use the download of the notes).

Faith, Schools and Chocolate Cake (The background)   |   Notes with activities for participants
What if learning? (The approach)   |   Notes with activities for participants
Faith, Hope and Love (The theology)   |   Notes with activities for participants