Strategies for Reshaping Practice: The habits of the classroom #14

Change resources, tasks or activities

Tasks, resources or activities can be changed to suit a new perspective. Once teachers see a lesson in a new way, old worksheets, activities and tasks may need to be reviewed. This could be choosing activities that stress the wholeness of people: body, soul and spirit; it could be worksheets that have questions of meaning and purpose as well as information recall questions.

  • Teachers can encourage learners to be involved in changing printed worksheets, for example having them change ‘Our world’ to ‘God's world’ on worksheets. Teachers can provide alternative resources such as websites and information sheets. Such resources can be used in history, comparing modern and historical campaigns. A Fair Trade site can be used when looking at percentages paid to growers of bananas and coffee in maths. Camel library sites can be used when considering books as a luxury to be grateful for in Book Week.
  • Teachers can create new tasks and activities or adjust old ones, such as classifying a person’s historical legacy under headings and adding a spiritual legacy heading, where appropriate. They might introduce a maths game in personal development (PSHE) to help students to think about others first.

These examples show the difference a change of resource or activity can make. It does not always involve a complete change. Sometimes just a small adjustment is needed.