Strategies for Reshaping Practice: The habits of the classroom #24

Make connections with faith and life

As teachers we can model making connections and show the relevance of faith by drawing on faith sources in subjects such as history, and using faith examples, insights and images. For example, we can use the biblical theme of ‘justice, mercy and humility’ as a way of assessing reformers in history. Teachers could use images such as ‘gardener’ from the Bible to explore our relationship with the environment. We can enable discussions of faith and values where appropriate, and connect faith to life rather than keeping it abstract.

  • Teachers can arrange a local area study around a parish church and look at an area in terms of fulfilling physical, social, intellectual and spiritual needs. Teachers can show different maps and how they tell stories and demonstrate what is important to the people who made them.
  • Teachers can link modern foreign languages with being able to respond to people in relationships and show love. Teachers can use stories of people of faith to link subjects such as languages and maths to life.
These examples show how connections can be made between faith and life that do not hijack a subject but make appropriate links.