Strategies for Reshaping Practice: The habits of the classroom #3

Change or create displays

Displays are a use of the physical space that is often taken for granted, but displays have huge potential for teachers when making changes. Displays can include unexpected elements such as art images and poetry in a science display, breaking down subject barriers so that God’s world is seen as a whole. Displays can be places where learners respond to big questions and curiosity is stimulated.

  • Teachers can add a title to a display that clashes with the images, so the title ‘Just salt’ can be added above amazing images of salt crystals and salt formations in chemistry.
  • Teachers can add arms and legs to an image of a computer on an ICT display with a question bubble saying, ‘How do we differ from computers?’
As these examples show, displays can become active partners in teaching, helping to create a new outlook on a subject rather than being background material.