Strategies for Reshaping Practice: The habits of the classroom #9

Change examples and illustrations to match your framework

For a change in framework to be plausible and effective, examples, stories and illustrations need to come into line. For example, maths examples need to move from getting to giving. Stories can move from focusing on individuals to communities if, for example, the framework is changed from studying individual reformers in history to campaigning communities. If an environment topic is changed from ‘our world’ to ‘God’s world’ then images of the world from a ‘God’s eye’ perspective might be appropriate.

  • Teachers can change from using cartoon characters to using photographs or images of real people if teaching languages is put in a personal context. Teachers can use different examples of transport serving the community to give a Primary topic a service context.
  • Teachers can use stories in maths that show the impact of percentages paid for growing coffee. Real stories can be used in geography when looking at migration patterns so that these lessons reflect a relational framework and do not reduce people to lines on a map or numbers.
These examples show how stories, examples and illustrations can be brought into line with a new framework and work with a new way of seeing a lesson.