Strategies for Reshaping Practice: The habits of the classroom

'Reshaping practice' puts the focus on what teachers do, in order to reflect their new way of seeing by their teaching. It is changing the habits and practice of teaching to work with a new perspective. There are many ways of reshaping practice: changing the layout of the classroom, altering an approach, attending to the atmosphere and ethos of a lesson, changing an emphasis, selecting different resources, adjusting student interaction, encouraging questions and making connections. For any given lesson teachers need to examine their teaching 'habits' and reshape their practice in ways that best suit their new way of seeing that lesson. Teachers can do this by…


Establishing atmosphere and ethos

Establishing atmosphere could include using music, noise, silence, lighting, colour, images, body language and posture. It includes how the class outlook is embodied in concrete forms: are they inward or outward looking? How is this expressed in your classroom? Is the ethos put into practice? How?


Embody the class ethos and outlook in concrete forms


Use body language


Create the appropriate atmosphere


Give opportunities for practice


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