Strategies for Seeing Anew – alternative summary

  1. From keeping faith and life separate, to connecting faith with all of life.

  2. From not appreciating creation to honouring the wonder of God's world.

  3. From apathy to curiosity about life's big questions.

  4. From ‘just facts’ to meaning, significance and purpose.

  5. From seeing people as parts (just bodies, minds, etc.) to seeing people holistically.

  6. From ‘mastering’ in learning to being challenged and changed.

  7. From a ‘bare minimum’ or a contractual attitude to life to celebrating grace (receiving more than is deserved, unearned love and blessing).

  8. From apathy or ingratitude to appreciation and gratitude.

  9. From stressing only what is useful to delighting in God’s world.

  10. From superficial attention to focused, loving attentiveness.

  11. From indifference or lack of respect to respect and reverence.

  12. From lack of trust to trust and affirming faith.

  13. From self-importance and wariness of being open to others, to humility and hospitality.

  14. From focusing on self to seeking the good of others.

  15. From inappropriate self-esteem to finding worth through love.

  16. From detachment or one-way dependence to interdependence and community.

  17. From hatred or lack of concern to love and forgiveness.

  18. From despair or dejection to hope and joy.

  19. From lack of limits and anxiety to self-control and peace.

  20. From not accepting accountability to embracing responsibility.

  21. From lack of awareness of values or adverse values to Christian values and virtues.

  22. From hurt and injustice to healing brokenness and seeking justice.

  23. From discouragement to encouragement and working for change.

  24. From lack of generosity to giving and serving others.